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How To Draw a Standard Henna Design Leaf

Start with a curved line
henna leaf how to

Next draw another curved line that meets up with the first
mehndi leaves tutorial

Now add the vein down the center of the leaf
heena leaves

And add some detail
learn to draw a leaf


There are lots of other ways to do leaves!

Sometimes it is nice to start with the center vein, then do the outer edges, then go in and add detail.

Victoria Welch's Henna Basics: Step by Step is a fantastic book for both beginners looking to learn all they can about the basics as well as professionals who may get stuck in a rut doing the same couple of leaf variations *all* the time.



You can watch some examples of henna leaves being done in these videos:
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The first video shows leaves EXACTLY as described above:

This next one is done inside-out, as described second: